Gramercy Institute Honors Deardorff as a Top 12 Financial Services Agency

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Deardorff is a brand agency with an affinity for financial.

With more than three decades of experience in the financial sector, we have become a trusted partner to some of the largest firms, including global asset managers, boutique investment firms, wealth managers, private banks and insurance companies. We understand the complexities and nuances of this heavily regulated market space and will bring our deep experience to helping you solve for your most pressing business challenges.

  • DC Times Magazine
  • Spring 19 #5
  • Winter 19 #1
  • Winter 19 #3

Creating a best-in-class magazine for a shifting DC world

To help raise awareness of Invesco’s leadership in defined contribution, we created the award-winning magazine Shifting DC Times and launched it as an acclaimed component of Invesco’s Defining Times thought leadership platform.

  • JP Morgan Deft Positioning #1
  • JP Morgan Deft Positioning #2
  • JP Morgan Deft Positioning #3

Launching a new ETF business for an investment leader

When J.P. Morgan Asset Management determined it was time to enter the exchange-traded fund (ETF) business, we helped them develop a successful positioning and launch strategy.

Financials' Top 12 Agencies

We are honored to be awarded Financials’ Top 12 Agencies by Gramercy Institute, the largest global network for senior financial marketers.


PHILADELPHIA, PA – January 22, 2020 The largest global network for senior financial marketers, the Gramercy Institute, today awarded the brand agency Deardorff with Financials’ Top 12 Agencies for 2020 in a ceremony at Thomson Reuters, Three Times Square, New York City.

“This award honors the best and brightest financial agencies in the world and serves as a benchmark for agency excellence and expertise to leading financial brands that seek the highest caliber agency services,” announced Bill Wreaks, CEO & Chief Analyst of the Gramercy Institute.

Gramercy Institute was guided by the following criteria in the ultimate selection of Financials’ Top 12 Agencies:

  • An agency’s demonstrated commitment to excellence
  • Case example success for specific financial clients
  • Focus on and dedication to the financial category
  • Demonstrated innovation in financial services marketing
  • Leadership in the financial services marketing industry
  • The final roster’s ultimate diversity (agency specialization, structure and geographic center)

“We’re honored to be recognized as part of this elite group with a deep specialization in financial services marketing,” says Jill Deardorff. “And we want to thank our clients — the asset managers, boutique investment firms, wealth managers, private banks and insurance companies that have given us their trust and allowed us to collaborate on finding strategic solutions to their very specialized needs.”

From ETFs to BDCs to CITs, the financial industry offers a veritable alphabet soup of complex products and services, targeting a diversity of audiences, from sophisticated institutions to everyday investors. “That’s why it’s harder for a generalist to walk in and quickly develop strategies and creative solutions that resonate with financial audiences, while achieving business objectives,” says Deardorff.

In 2019 alone, Deardorff won 12 industry awards for its strategic and creative excellence in financial marketing from the Investment Management Education Alliance, Plan Sponsor Council of America, Financial Communications Society as well as from the Gramercy Institute.


Deardorff is an award-winning, full-service, integrated brand agency with deep specializations in financial services, higher education and mission-based marketing. The firm believes that informed thinking infused with wildly imaginative ideas moves business forward in measurable ways. Through inspired storytelling and unforgettable brand experiences, Deardorff differentiates brands in surprising ways, driving the conversations and delivering the fresh ideas needed to take businesses forward. For more information, visit www.deardorffassociates.com or call 215-982-1550.

The Evolving Sentiments of Everyday Investors

To keep better informed, Deardorff pursues its own financial research studies, with annual on-the-street interviews in New York and Philadelphia to determine how everyday people are feeling about their finances, how they’re investing, and which financial services firms they trust.

  • BNY Invest Beyond #1
  • BNY Invest Beyond #2
  • BNY Invest Beyond #3

Helping persuade investors to go global

When BNY Mellon saw opportunity for investors beyond U.S. shores, we created the digital campaign Time to Own the World to capture the urgency and potential of investing globally now – through BNY Mellon/Dreyfus funds.

We take a transformative approach.

Our proprietary brand process creates authentic, compelling positioning. Through a combination of research, strategy, creative and a keen collaboration with you, we help build brand experiences that demonstrably move your business forward while gaining key internal consensus.

  • Invesco Monumental Times #1
  • Invesco Monumental Times #2
  • Invesco Monumental Times #3
  • Invesco Monumental Times #4

Developing award-winning insight programs

To help Invesco have deeper, more consultative conversations with its defined benefit and defined contribution clients, Deardorff created two distinct yet connected thought leadership platforms.

  • JP Morgan Short-term investment success #1
  • JP Morgan Short-term investment success #2
  • JP Morgan Short-term investment success #3

Positioning a leader in the global cash space

For more than a decade, we partnered with J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity on cultivating and advancing its leadership role in this highly competitive and segmented marketplace.

How to win your clients’ minds, hearts and souls

A presentation by Jill Deardorff at Gramercy Institute’s “Great 2020 Financial Marketing and Media Planning Showcase,” at the Down Town Association in New York City, July 24, 2019.

How to win your clients’ minds, hearts and souls

The new frontier in financial services is here. And it is vast and full of opportunity with the rise of investor fluency and technology, channel disintermediation and consolidation, fee compression and the power shift in the advisory world just to mention a few. We believe that each of you has something very important to say in these transformational times. Something that will make a difference to financial health. And the world is ready to engage.

I certainly don’t have to tell this group how different engagement looks today. And while promotions and campaigns are still part of the mix, they are no longer a sole focus. Instead, we’re architecting new thinking to have rich and ongoing conversations across media involving multiple people in your firms. The long game is about crafting your story and spinning it out in differentiating and customized experiences that go on and on and on … and lead to long-term, trusted relationships.

It’s about helping your audiences connect intellectually, emotionally and morally with your financial services firm and the brand it represents. Now and into the future, it’s truly about winning their minds, hearts and souls.

How do we do this? We address all three areas holistically. We captivate minds with thoughtful content strategy, curation and creation. We embrace creativity because it lifts the heart. We’ve all seen the data that shows more than a third of customers say they are turned off even if the content is excellent, but it has not been delivered it at the creative level they expect. And as time goes on the expectation for creativity, production values and rich media will only increase because we do live in an Insta world. Creativity fuels the imagination, ensuring engagement and a successful activation of the content strategy.

And finally, and in some ways perhaps most importantly, we feed the soul with a sense of purpose. A higher meaning that needs to be embraced even if it’s at different levels of understanding across organizations so everyone can speak their expertise in a unified voice for the good of the client. We call this building the coalition of the willing. How do you build the needed coalition between marketing and sales – and even compliance and others in your organization – so that you can successfully launch a new product, service, thought leadership program or client experience? This is the challenge facing financial services today.

For Deardorff, our value proposition is informed thinking infused with wildly imaginative ideas moves business forward in measurable ways. Our strength is in helping clients win minds, hearts and souls through content and award-winning creative all wrapped in a differentiating position or theme that informs a contemporary culture today and tomorrow. We’re here to help you engage and develop the trusted relationships key to every brand.

  • BNY New Planet #1
  • BNY New Planet #2
  • BNY New Planet #3
  • BNY New Planet #4

Creating a magazine for a new world in retirement

BNY Mellon Retirement wanted to create a publication for the defined contribution industry. We developed the strategy and identity for what would become a multi-award-winning, best-in-class magazine.

  • JP Morgan College #1
  • JP Morgan College #2
  • JP Morgan College #4

Distinguishing a 529 college savings program

When J.P. Morgan became the fund manager for New York’s 529 College Savings Program, we created a brand identity and core go-to-market expressions to help differentiate the program from all others.