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Delaware Office of Highway and Safety

Delaware Office
of Highway Safety

Arrive Alive DE
Saving Lives with The First-Ever Integrated Plan

Every year, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) conducts up to 14 different initiatives to improve safety on the roadways, from aggressive and impaired driving to motorcycle, seatbelt and pedestrian safety. The state was seeking a marketing partner to help change driving behaviors and save lives.

Deardorff earned the business through an RFP process, and immediately recommended creating the first-ever integrated communications plan for OHS across all initiatives. In the line “Arrive Alive DE,” we developed the first brand positioning for OHS, and then established a distinctive and unifying look for all the public information campaigns. The new flexible image saw almost immediate success in saving lives and significantly reducing injuries on roadways.

Arrive Alive DE

Drive Sober. Arrive Alive DE.
Reducing Alcohol-Related Fatalities by Keeping It Real

In 2011, Deardorff worked with the Delaware Office of Highway Safety to deter drinking and driving, with a primary focus on young men. To resonate with this audience, Deardorff created the DUI Real-time campaign.

Adopting the language and visuals of social media, the campaign depicts the painful reality of living with a DUI through texting, Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging scenarios. Deardorff created 42 individual components for the campaign, including a custom-created website, Facebook advertising, billboards, television spots, radio, print advertising, collateral and online ads, and posters distributed at high schools, colleges, bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

Award Winner
Award Winner

  • Davey Award

    , DUI Real-time Campaign
  • Davey Award

    , DUI Real-time Commercial
  • Philly Ad Club Addy Award

    , DUI Real-time TV Spot

DUI Real-time TV Commercial

Buckle Up. Arrive Alive DE.
Getting Serious About Seat Belt Laws

When Delaware’s seat belt usage rate began slipping in 2009, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) turned to Deardorff for help in raising awareness of the state’s “Click It Or Ticket” laws and informing motorists of the consequences of not buckling up.

Deardorff launched a comprehensive public awareness campaign that utilized the image of a no-nonsense police officer to communicate how serious Delaware was about seat belt compliance. The campaign included print ads and collateral in English and Spanish, billboards, radio, a Facebook page, online ads, and a unique partnership with local pizza shops and coffee houses. Special “Click It Or Ticket” belly bands and thermal sleeves were created to wrap pizza boxes and coffee mugs throughout the entire state as a memorable way to get motorists to buckle up!


Under 21 Think. Don’t Drink.
Saving Young Lives with A Compelling Video Contest

In response to a growing number of underage alcohol-related injuries and arrests, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety enlisted Deardorff to help lower the incidences of underage drinking.

Deardorff created the campaign “Under 21 Think Don’t Drink,” and developed as its core component an online TV/video ad contest, open to anyone under the age of 21 living, working or attending school in Delaware. Participants were to produce and submit a TV commercial that convinces young adults not to drink. The contest and accompanying website we created represented a branded initiative that could continue for years. Additional promotional efforts included a movie theater spot; posters that blanketed Delaware’s schools, colleges, pizza shops, bowling alleys and more; online advertising; a radio spot voiced by Governor Jack Markell; ads on University of Delaware shuttle buses; and an email blast to Delaware teachers.